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Balancing color, light, form, texture, detail, and harmony to create understated elegance while respecting the environment

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matthew bromley

Award-winning pieces of art that are meant to mature and constantly evolve

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Seamless integration of a home's architecture and outdoor design with expert knowledge of gardening

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Garrett Magee, James DeSantis, and Mel Brasier utilize space in smart and sustainable ways to create beautiful outdoor living

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Wiktor Kłyk

Author of garden designs around the world blending strong cubic forms with the soft, organic shapes of plants

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michael bernier

Inspiring, beautiful, and functional outdoor living spaces that emphasize water conservation and ease of maintenance

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Melissa gerstle

Aesthetically stunning landscapes that inspire relaxation, beauty, and memory making

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What clients are saying

“First consultation with Matt and he had great suggestions for our project. Time was very efficiently used and it was amazing how quickly he understood the project.”
- Reema (Cupertino, CA)
"Keith was absolutely great to consult with. I have a difficult project and he came to the rescue in assisting me with what we needed to change. He also gave me great ideas of landscape choices as well for the pool/patio/yard project."
- Kim (Sewall's Point, FL)
"Matt had a lot of great ideas of what I could do with my outdoor covered patio space. He made suggestions that were helpful, realistic, and within our budget. Time and money well spent."
- Katie (Anaheim, CA)
"Matt gave us some very good ideas - he provided lower cost and easier options as well as more expensive ones involving additional hardscape. I appreciated that he was not trying to sell us services but just giving us the benefit of his wide-ranging knowledge about ways we could spruce up our 15-year-old landscaping."
- Teena (Lexington, KY)